PHOTOS and VIDEOS: Spaceship Earth Debuts a NEW Nighttime LOOK in EPCOT

Tonight has been a very exciting evening around Disney World! We bid a fond farewell to Happily Ever After in Magic Kingdom, and we said “hello” to Harmonious in EPCOT!


Illuminated barges after ‘Harmonious’

After taking in the sights and sounds of Harmonious, we noticed something extra special as we made our way out of the park!

Spaceship Earth was illuminated as a Beacon of Magic!


Spaceship Earth is illuminated as a Beacon of Magic!

All four park icons will receive a special nighttime transformation throughout the 50th Anniversary Celebration. In addition, Spaceship Earth got some new external light known as “Points of Light.”


We see you, Spaceship Earth!

It was so thrilling to see Spaceship Earth illuminated like this after watching Harmonious! We can’t wait to see what the other three park icons look like.


Spaceship Earth or scoop of ice cream?

The colors around Spaceship Earth transition from shades of purple to pink and red!


Spaceship Earth

We could stare at this all night.



Here’s an up-close look at those “Points of Light.”


Points of Light

Seriously, Spaceship Earth truly knows how to “glow up” when the sun goes down!


Spaceship Earth

What a great way to close out the evening!


Like a grand and miraculous spaceship!

Be sure to follow along for all of the latest happenings around Disney World as the 50th Anniversary Celebration kicks off this week!

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Which Beacon of Magic are you looking forward to seeing the most? Let us know in the comments!

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