UPDATE to Disney Cruise Line Face Mask Policy Regarding Photos

With the Disney Cruise Line opening back up this month, we’re keeping an eye on the policies and changes happening onboard the ships!


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Recently, the Cruise Line made a change to the mask policy when guests are taking photos onboard!

According to the new policy, guests can remove their face coverings while indoors when they’re taking a photo, while stationary and physically distanced from other people.


Mask sign in Disney World

Guests are required to wear their face coverings while indoors except for while eating, drinking, taking a photo, or when they’re in their own rooms. You won’t be required to wear one outdoors as of writing.


©Disney Cruise Line

With this new change, you can have mask-less pictures of your voyage to sea with the Disney Cruise Line. Just make sure you’re staying stationary and physically distanced while you snap those photos!


Disney Cruise Line Atrium

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