Review: Is Casey’s Corner Still a Home Run in Disney World?

It’s time to cue up “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” because Casey’s Corner has RETURNED. And they are serving up all the foot-long hot dogs, chili cheese dogs, and fries you can possibly manage!


Casey’s is BACK!

This little spot on Main Street, U.S.A. has been a long-time fan-favorite Quick Service restaurant and after over one year of being closed, the doors are open once again. So, you probably already know where we were when the clock struck 10:30AM this morning in Magic Kingdom and we’re bringing you a look at all the eats, drinks, and what this classic Americana restaurant is like now!


Now, if you’re not familiar with Casey’s Corner, you’ll find it all the way on the Northwest corner of Main Street just before you get to the Cinderella Castle and hub area. It is themed to be similar to an early twentieth-century baseball concession stand and is where you can find some of your favorite ballpark foods (AND plastic cheese!!).


Welcome back to the party!

You’ll feel just like you’re taking a break from a ballgame when you stop in here because even the Cast Members are dressed up in their finest baseball player gear! And, they’ll even strike up a chorus of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” from time to time.


They knew what song to cue up!

In fact, there’s even a “first pitch” that happens when the restaurant opens each day — with a real baseball and all! The first two people in line for Casey’s Corner get to show off their arm and toss the ball to a Cast Member and the tradition has returned with the reopening of the restaurant

Here’s a look at Casey’s Corner First Pitch! \"⚾\"

— AJ Wolfe (@DisneyFoodBlog) June 30, 2021






Of course, things are a little different now that the restaurant is back in action and you won’t find the giant crowds of guests waiting to place their order inside anymore. Instead, the restaurant is only offering Mobile Ordering, so guests place their order through the My Disney Experience app


It is SO good to see Casey’s Corner on Mobile Order!

…and then head to the door to grab their meal inside.


Return when your pick-up window is ready!

And, the Cast Members are equally as organized as they are energetic! You’ll meet one of them out front of the restaurant and they’ll take you to the correct pick-up window for your meal.


Be sure to find the Cast Member with your base (aka number)

Once inside, you’ll be able to spot tons of nostalgic decor including nods to Disney partner Coca-Cola and other details that are meant to memorialize Ernest Thayer’s poem “Casey at the Bat,” which was adapted into a cartoon by Disney back in the 1940s.


Inside Casey’s Corner

Up at the counter, you’ll find more Cast Members busy preparing orders. Just be sure you have your mobile order page pulled up on your phone so that they can grab the right tray.


Head to your pick-up number!

And, we were excited to see that the trays filled with complimentary water cups had returned to the restaurant! Many restaurants around Disney World offer free water, but we don’t always see the cups prepared and out on the counter. Whether the tray is out or not though, you can always ask a Cast Member for one.


Did someone say free water?

It wouldn’t really be eating at a ballpark without some ketchup and mustard, right? All of the utensils and condiments are now self-serve at Casey’s Corner so you can grab as much as you might need for that giant hot dog of yours!


Condiments are just outside of the restaurant

There are a few different options when it comes to seating at the restaurant, though it can be rather limited (especially now). You’ll find an indoor dining area off to the right side of the pick-up area or you can head outside and find more seating with umbrellas.

And, if you love the atmosphere of Main Street, U.S.A. then this is the place to eat! The outdoor seating area is a great place to view Cinderella Castle, people watch, and enjoy the passing character cavalcades.


There are fewer tables in the seating area now

One thing that has NOT returned with the reopening of Casey’s Corner however is the ragtime pianist who offered some ballpark entertainment while you dined. Shows and performances are slowly returning to Disney World, so it might be some more time before you can chow down on your hot dogs to the tune of music.

And, now it’s time to eat!


Like we mentioned before, Casey’s Corner is currently only accepting Mobile Orders, so you can either search for it in the My Disney Experience app before you arrive at the restaurant or scan the QR code at the entrance.


Casey’s Corner Menu

On the menu, you’ll find one specialty beverage option (the Frozen Mint Julep Lemonade) and lots of hot dog variations. There are a few former favorites missing from the menu though like the Mickey Celebration Sipper, the Bacon Macaroni & Cheese All-Beef Hot Dog, and the Bacon Macaroni & Cheese French Fries but now you’ll find an All-Beef Foot-long Hot Dog and that smaller All-Beef Hot Dog has actually gone DOWN in price from $9.99 to $9.49.

All of the entrees come with your choice of French Fries or a Cuties Mandarin but one thing that we noticed when mobile order is that the app automatically will choose french fries as your option. So, you’ll need to go in and change that if you’d like the Cuties Mandarin or, if you’re feeling crazy, you can upgrade your fries to Loaded Cheese Fries for $2 more.



We were also happy to see that the menu includes two plant-based options and you’ll have lots of options for sides including our favorite cheeeese sauce and dessert!



And, there’s an assortment of beverages to choose from including a new Freshly Brewed Joffrey’s Coffee option.



So, let’s get to the taste testing! We’re starting with the Frozen Mint Julep Lemonade which is a classically blended Mint Julep featuring Minute Maid Premium Lemonade, topped with fresh Mint Leaves, Cherry and Lemon for $6.49. And, let us tell ya — if you’re looking for a refreshing drink and are a fan of lemonade this one has you covered! It’s got notes of sweet and sour from the lemonade and we could taste the mint with every sip which added a unique flavor.


So refreshing!

Now onto the dogs! First up we tried the Chili-Cheese All-Beef Foot-long Hot Dog which is served with a choice of French Fries or a Cuties Mandarin for $13.49. We’ve always thought that the hot dogs from Casey’s Corner are some of the best that we’ve ever had and that continues to ring true to this day!


Isn’t it lovely?!

The chili is served warm and the cheese melts right on top to make any chili cheese dog fan happy. Plus, the serving size is GIANT, so it is easily shareable between two (and maybe even more!).


It may not be the prettiest, but it’s good!

We opted for the Cuties Orange with ours (and another dish that we’ll get to a little later) and this was how it came!


Okay, we didn’t get fries with EVERYTHING

If you’d rather opt for a plain dog that you can deck out in your own toppings, there’s also the All-Beef Foot-long Hot Dog that comes served with a choice of French Fries or a Cuties Mandarin for $11.49. Now, this one we went with a side of fries and you can probably see why we might want to share this meal with a friend or two — it comes with A LOT of fries!



And, even without the chili and cheese topping, this hot dog is still a winner! We loaded it up with plastic cheese (is anyone surprised?) and then put a nice lil’ topping of ketchup on and voila, another tasty dog!  And, if you’re like us, that cheese sauce is a must, — but remember it’s an extra $1.



If you’ve been around DFB for a little while now then you probably know that we have a deep love and appreciation for Corn Dog Nuggets and we are soooo happy to see them back on the menu at Casey’s Corner! These guys are considered a full-on entree, so it comes with a side of cheese sauce and choice of French Fries or a Cuties Mandarin on the side for $9.99.


Reunited and it feels so good!

The mini hot dogs have a thick cornbread coating and pair with almost any sauce that you put it with. Plus, they’re a great on-the-go meal!


The vessel for our plastic cheeeeese

We also gave one of the plant-based options a try and ordered the Loaded Slaw Dog which is a Plant-based Sausage topped with Pickled Slaw, Barbecue Vegan Aïoli, and Roasted Corn Relish served with French Fries or Apple Slices for $11.49. And, we were pretty impressed with the plant-based meat, though we did think it tasted more like a sausage than anything else.


Plus a plant-based option!

But, it was the Barbecue Vegan Aïoli and Roasted Corn Relish that really made this hot dog shine for us — it added a bit of a spicy taste and it had us secretly wishing that we could have ordered the toppings on the other hot dogs as well! That being said, we did find the portion size to be much smaller than the other hot dogs offered at the restaurant, so you’ll be getting less food for the same cost.


oooooo, ahhhhh

Now back to the fries! We mentioned earlier that you could upgrade your side of French Fries to Chili-Cheese French Fries with a foot-long hot dog meal for $2, but you can also find this option as a side for $6.49. And, no matter how you’re ordering it, you’ll receive a big boat of fries loaded with Casey’s Corner house chili and plastic cheese sauce.

And, we really can’t complain much about these! The chili doesn’t have any spicy flavor to it and is the same one that is served on the Chili-Cheese All-Beef Foot-long Hot Dog. So, if you’re a big fan of the hot dog, you’re probably going to love it even more on french fries. And, hey, the cheese is always a bonus!


Load ’em up!

The only thing to keep in mind is that the fries to get a bit soggy from all the toppings, so you won’t get the same crisp as you might with the regular side of fries.


All the goods in one bite!

All good meals end in dessert, right? Well, that’s our motto at least and luckily you can find one of our favorite desserts in Disney World here at Casey’s Corner!

The Baseball Brownie has returned to the restaurant and is now served on a plate rather than in a cup (and we’re a BIG fan of this change). There’s not much fancy about this dessert, as it’s really just your simple brownie covered in icing that looks like a baseball for $4.29 but don’t count it out just because it doesn’t have all the frills!


Literally the size of a baseball, if not bigger!​

The brownie itself is super rich, moist, and fudgy and then the icing is something that we would even be happy to eat on a spoon — it’s so delicious.


So simple, yet so delicious

So, if you’re a chocolate lover or you’re looking for something simple that your kiddos will enjoy, this is a great option!

Nosh or Not

Step up to the plate and head to Casey’s Corner if:

  • You’re a hot dog fan. This spot is THE place to be if you’re looking for a great hot dog (or plant-based “hot dog”) in Disney World so fans of the food will not be disappointed.
  • You’re looking for a great value meal. With foot-long hot dogs and giant servings of french fries, you can easily split a meal here and cut down on the price of dining.
  • You enjoy the atmosphere on Main Street, U.S.A. When you dine here you’ll be treated to great views of Cinderella Castle and you’ll probably even catch a character cavalcade or two. Add that into the high energy that the Cast Members bring at the restaurant and you’ve got yourself a signature Magic Kingdom dining experience!

Take your batting arm to another restaurant if:

  • You don’t like hot dogs. This spot specializes in hot dogs and that’s about all you’ll find here on the menu.
  • If you’re looking for a quick meal. Casey’s Corner is a popular dining location in Disney World so you’ll be facing crowds when you eat here and we’re anticipating that immediate mobile ordering windows may be a bit harder to find.
  • If you prefer eating in a quieter area. You’re right on Main Street, U.S.A. when you dine here so there’s a lot of hustle and bustle going on around you.


All in all, Casey’s Corner is still one of the big headliner Quick Service restaurants in Disney World. It offers all of the Magic Kingdom vibes and you can almost always count on it to serve up warm, fresh tasting food. You’ll find some of the best views of Cinderella Castle and Main Street, U.S.A. and it’s a great spot to cool off from the heat if you prefer to dine inside. It may be your traditional ballpark food, but it still ranks as one of our must-do dining locations when you’re visiting the park.

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